Check out the Gorillas Exhibit at Houston Zoo

This exhibit is a stunning multi-species experience that features okapi, crocodile, hippopotamus, bongo, and lowland gorilla, as well as numerous smaller species found in the Congo Basin. The exhibit gives the experience of being right in the middle of an African forest. The two acre habitat is home to 10 gorillas. It's really the kind of experience that is almost mystical of coming through the forest and seeing these amazing animals. Your very first view will be eye to eye at the glass with the gorillas. The natural habitat features a waterfall, a flowing stream, natural and artificial logs, and a boardwalk for visitors to get a closer look at the gorillas. "It's designed to have an immersion effect of the visitor and animals into a space that feels like it's shared between the two," Barongi said. "The barriers are invisible. When we design an exhibit, we make it as natural as possible in the interest of the animal, and so the public can get the best observation of the animal." The “Gorillas of the African Forest” project is one of the most carefully-constructed zoological habitats and largest primate exhibit in the world. We are proud to have it here in Houston, TX.

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