EyeBar: Luxury Eyewear x Cocktails x Cosmetics

   Dr. Sheena Garner is not your typical eye doctor. She is a stylish blonde bombshell that has a passion for everything involving eyesight! We got a chance to take a peek inside the hottest eyeglass office in the city. Not only can you have a glass of champagne while you get your eyes checked, you can get your makeup done and check out the latest high-end frames from your favorite designer. We chatted with the doctor about her gorgeous space and her vision...Literally!  

Eyebar has a very cool concept. What was your inspiration behind it? 
The entire concept of EYEBAR actually happened organically. I've always known that I would do something different. I wanted to create a work environment similar to that of a salon or boutique. A place where people can go with friends to browse the hippest new shades and glasses, get beautified and check their vision and ocular health at the same time. I love that I can treat eyes medically as well as enhance their external beauty. There are so many surprises in store. I can't wait to unveil them all!  

What is it you love most about your job?
The people!! I never know who I am going to meet. It keeps life interesting for sure! Everyone has a unique story and a unique style. Frame styling has definitely become a talent of mine. I can usually pick the perfect frame in one try.

What are some challenges you face as a business owner?
The biggest challenge is creating a good flow and a dynamic within the office. It is essential to maintain a supportive team who get along and are enthusiastic about their job. This always has and always will be the biggest challenge.

How did you come up with the design aspect of Eyebar and how does relate to your personal style? 
I have always loved the idea of having an intimate and cozy space that didn't feel like a typical, cold doctor's office. I think my design and decor changed a million times but somehow everything came together in the end. I hand selected everything so it's all based on my personal style. If I could see it in my own house, then I bought it.

Eyebar is located in a very cool and popular area. What are some of your favorite places to shop or eat?
I am in LOVE with River Oaks and I'm soooo lucky to be nestled right in the middle of it. My favorite brunch spot, Backstreet Cafe, is only a few houses down. I frequent Brasserie 19 for its amazing cuisine, but even more so for the scene. One of my favorite places to get styled is at Baanou. My good friend, Maryam, founded it....and it's also a few houses down from EYEBAR. I’ve walked over many times to purchase an outfit for the evening. I work out daily at FIT, Define or Big Yoga. This area has it all!

What is a misconception about our eyesight?
Most don't realize that the eyes are literally the window into a person's soul. They say so much about a person's state of health and can detect certain systemic diseases or ailments. I like to think of the eye as a camera, the cornea and crystalline lens being the lenses and the retina being the film. Just because someone can see well, doesn’t mean there isn't something happening in the back that could jeopardize vision. This is why yearly eye exams are so essential regardless of how well someone sees.  

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