Tips From The Weeknight Warrior

Tips From The Weeknight Warrior

A commandment that has been passed down for generations: don't go out on the weekends. We've heard this rule almost as often as we've broken it. Yet we respect the sentiment. Like DJ's feel about their records, so do we feel about the nocturnal playground that is the city. Thus we present the best parties for the best party nights of the week. Otherwise known as Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Sunday is the “End All” for the weekend, and the “Be All” for the “Weeknight Warrior”. You can start in Midtown, Washington, or Third Ward in the early afternoon but everyone ends up at Clé, Capitol, and Social Junkie. A block separating the two midtown bars, Clé and Capitol bar are the main stops for Sunday Funday goers, but could end up being their last, you have to pace yourself.

For a more of an urban vibe with the city’s premier hip-hop DJs, Social Junkie’s Social Sundays is a can’t miss. 2 levels of inside-outside and rooftop patio with great music and drink specials. Beautiful people frequent this bar and so should you if you’re considering being a Weeknight Warrior.

The last stop on Sunday is Fox Hollow or Aura on the same block of Nett Street. It’s the all-around best nightclub experience in the city and on Sunday. The best party on the most pivotal night of the week is not for the faint at heart. Be sure to make it there early because the most popular nightclubs are sure to reach capacity.



Mondays are probably everyone’s least favorite day of the week but the Weeknight Warrior takes the others scraps and makes a feast. Warriors know that all that Sunday Fun sets the tone for the week to come. Monday Night Football, the industry community, and anything from a chill night out to a nightclub.

·         Lincoln Bar and Kitchen - Motha Effen Mondaze

·         Midtown Drinkery- Industry Mondays



Tuesdays are for tacos. La Macro on Washington has $1 beef chicken and trompo tacos and special Tuesday tequila specials.

Once you’ve had your fill of tacos and tequila, most people call it a night and throw on the Netflix. Weeknight Warriors don’t Netflix and chill. They don’t care what people might say; they care about them saying nothing at all.   


If you want more of a boutique nightclub experience Rise Tuesdays at Rose Gold is the place to be. Lumen has resident DJ’s Tony Styles inside and house music on the patio for two different club experiences. Both places are where you bring your A game, never the time or place to under dress.



Wednesdays are for Washington. Lincoln Bar and Kitchen and Belle Station has its industry Steak Night, and it’s the biggest thing going on a Wednesday. The city’s favorite DJs, drink specials all night and beautiful clientele bring people to Belle Station and Lincoln Bar and Kitchen. Weeknight Warriors can also indulge in the nightclubs at Aura or Virtue and Vice only blocks away from each other on Washington. On Wednesdays, Weekend Warriors can be seen having bottle Wars on Washington.



Thursdays are The End for Weeknights, the beginning of the weekend, so pivotal The Weeknd made an album about it. Thursdays are date nights and primetime television nights. Thursday night has just enough bad football to have you make it to Sunday. Weekend Warriors usually take it easy on Thursdays, until you go to Clé.

Latin Thursdays at Clé is the premier night at the premier nightclub in Houston for the Weeknight War, in the humble opinion of this Weeknight Warrior. The pool on the patio makes outside a completely different vibe and conversational atmosphere. While inside, is a raging with great music, lights, and beautiful faces. Dress to Impress is the key to success. Clé is not the place for the rookies or half-steppers, so you need to bring all your juice, don’t forget it at home.


Follow me along this path, and you might just become a Weeknight Warrior.


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