Brunch @ The Durham House: Fresh, Unique, Creative

Brunch @ The Durham House: Fresh, Unique, Creative

The only way the Durham House’s coastal, beachside patio ambiance could be any more perfectly-tailored for an afternoon brunch outing is if there were actually a body of water nearby. In the meantime, while you can still enjoy on of the very few 75-and-sunny days our great city has to offer, grab a couple of close friends and spend it soaking in the rays at this quaint eatery.

When Mike McElroy took over as Durham House’s executive chef a few months ago, he was tasked with bringing a fresh and unique sense of identity and inventiveness to the fairly-new restaurant’s menu. Having spent a significant amount of his life cultivating his culinary expertise in New Orleans, LA, McElroy was more than equipped to do just that.

To that point, in many ways, Durham House’s brunch menu is reflective of the chef’s laid-back demeanor and creative spirit. The Steel Cut Oats exemplify this well; served in a goblet-lay-prone with cold pickled grapes and herbs, the presentation demands attention, and the taste harkens back to those cool country weekend mornings when a warm bowl of oatmeal was set in front of you on the table --- only with a fresh, distinct twist.

The Pork & Egg is even a tad-bit more eclectic. A savory and tender pork shank bruschetta served with a poached egg and topped with caviar; remarkably bold and flavorful, something you’re almost guaranteed to order twice.

To wash it down, Durham House offers a neat list of intriguing cocktails to accompany expected residents like the mimosa. The “50 Shades of Earl Grey” is wonderful concept for tea-sippers that finds your hot mug of breakfast tea spiked with gin. The “Shiver Me Timbers” follows the same sort of path as a cold-brew coffee spiked with Benedictine liqueur.

It should be noted that the menu items listed are featured on the Durham House’s winter brunch menu and are subject to change. However, don’t let that deter you from making a trip to investigate things for yourself. 

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