It's All Good At The New Black & White Label In The Heights

Very seldom does a restaurant impress on both sides of the menu, boasting stellar entrees in conjunction with equally-exceptional cocktails. Black & White Mediterranean and Seafood Bistro, a new dual-concept restaurant now open in The Heights, truly brings this ideal pairing to fruition. Armed with an arsenal of the highest-quality, farm-to-market, organic ingredients, Chef Justin Wilson has been enlisted with the unique task of offering two totally different dining experiences under one roof. Through both his extraordinary skill and attention to detail in presentation, the final product does not disappoint.

The “White Label” side of things consists of tapas-style seafood dishes and casual dining. Of note, the Peruvian Ceviche--- fish cured in lime juice with white hominy and sweet potato garnished with red onion, mint and basil.

Conversely, the “Black Label” half of the restaurant invokes more of a fine-dining element, and blends Mediterranean, French, Italian and Spanish cuisine. Standouts include the B&W Caprese Salad, a mix of greens topped with beef tenderloin, burrata cheese, tomatoes, seasoned basil, olive oil and balsamic reduction; as well as the Huevos Rotos (which translates to “scattered eggs”), consisting of two fried eggs over a bed of pan-fried potatoes, garlic and chorizo. 

Topping all of this off is an unbelievable bar that showcases remarkable mixology with a functional flare for bartending. Fear not----this showmanship is backed up by quality cocktails that display intricate and unique recipes, rife with layers of flavor for any and every palate. What’s more, all ingredients are homemade, right down to the simple syrup. In particular, the Roasted Blueberry-and-Basil Bourbon, and Tequila Mockingbird options were of distinct consideration. And if you tend to favor wine, the bar also has a 140-label cellar for you to select from; for beer drinkers, all in-state brews are at your disposal. 

So, if you happen to find yourself in the Heights area---or simply can’t seem to find your way out of the gray area--- drop into Black & White for a bite, or a drink, or both. Your life decisions may not get any easier, but at least here, the outcome will always be good. 

Join us on October 12th, at the newly-opened, Heights-area restaurant, Black & White, for our first-ever “Tapas and Cocktails” tasting event! Take an opportunity to get to know Chef Justin Wilson, and the mastermind behind Black & White’s intriguing duplicitous concept, as well as sample the entire food and cocktail menu! 

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