Alley Theatre 2.0: Renovations Sneak Peek

One usually might associate the term “renovation” with ideas of expansion---taking one thing and making it a bigger and better something else. But the revamp of the historic Alley Theatre was undertaken via the auspice that less truly is more, at least in some aspects.

By eliminating fifty seats, and thereby extending stage depth another fourteen feet, the Alley hopes to create a more intimate experience for both their stage players and viewers. The last row of the center section in the audience is now twenty-two feet closer to the stage than it was before----an addition (or subtraction, depending on your perspective) that should make a world of difference for actors and spectators alike.

The modernized Alley should also prove to be a lot friendlier to the cast and crew who make each production possible. From bigger dressing rooms, to a more technologically-advanced set, featuring a brand-new fly loft equipped with line sets that can hold over two thousand pounds and move at speeds of up to six feet per second, the realm of production possibilities have become even greater.

The Alley Theatre 2.0 is primed and ready to kick off its inaugural season with the production of One Man, Two Guvnors beginning on October 2nd. But you can catch a sneak-peek of the new digs when it opens to the general public this weekend.

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