Best Burgers In Town

Best Burgers In Town

  The hamburger is one of the culinary world’s most storied, yet simplest, creations. It’s just a patty of ground meat, on a bun. That’s it. Yet this deceivingly simple dish is also one of the most difficult to perfect, and when it fails, it fails miserably. But when it succeeds, it can be life-alteringly delicious.
 Think twice before you stop for another fast food hamburger — we can tell you where to find the best burgers around.

houstons best

Bernie’s Burgers are truly handcrafted totally from scratch with no preservatives. The bun freshly made and baked daily, fresh ground black angus beef and all homemade condiments. You can’t go wrong with anything in the lineup, but get the Detention if you’re feeling anything like a bully. Two applewood smoked bacon grill cheeses used as a bun for two signature beef patties, each topped with cheddar, "tipsy" onions (carmelized in Jack Daniels), and all the fixings !

best burger in houston

one mouthwatering beef patty; a pile of crisp, fatty bacon; some sliced jalapeños; an oozing fried egg, and a mountain (not a Hound) of macaroni and cheese. Bring cash and make sure that roll of paper towels is full before you sit down.

top burgers in houston

If ever there were a burger that could sitteth at the right handth of the Almighty, this would be the one. We sweareth.

Burger Blueprint
1/3 lb all beef patty
American Cheese, melted into the patty
grilled onions
on a grilled, soft white bun
served with steak fries covered with melted colby

top burgers in houston

The Grille Prime Cheeseburger

If Del Frisco's Grille was a greasy spoon called "Del's," and they served their burgers on styrofoam plates, with fries wrapped in newspaper, and served with an Orange Fanta in a paper cup ("The Combo!"), they would still be a hit Raves EDDIE RIVERA of Pasadena living Two flavorful patties made of a mouthwatering blend of USDA Prime short rib, brisket and chuck topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles between a brioche bun. Finished off with the famous sloppy sauce made up of "30 ingredients." That's all anyone is ever told, and thus, that will be all you are told.

top burgers in houston
Third-Pound Cheeseburger

A whopping three-quarter-pound griddled patty, well-done but still at least a little juicy classic, old-style cheeseburger dressed with mustard and mayo and layered with the usual tomato, lettuce, pickles, and onion. Nothing fancy, just a real burger.

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